Karin Bengtsson

The Boat, 2014

Meet Karin Bengtsson, one of my favorite Swedish contemporary photographers. As she says, there are no answers to who the persons are, where they are or what will happen or has happened. Karin stages a state of mind, which she depicts with the camera.

More works from Karin Bengtsson can be found at:  www.nygardskarinbengtsson.com


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Recently I was on a business trip to Dubai. My first time to the Middle East. Dubai is amazing city with endless possibilities. A local guy told me that if you are running a business and do not have a branch in Dubai – you do not exist. Perhaps this is true, because I have never seen so many brands, stores, companies so concentrated in one place. There are two things I was impressed about this place and would like to share:

  1. Dubai Mall. Perhaps the biggest and most luxury shopping place on planet Earth. Offering  1.200 stores to visit. The size of the shopping area is equal to 50 football fields. There are 65.000.000 visitors visiting the mall every year (on average 180.000 a day). If you have been to Vilnius Akropolis (biggest shopping centre in Lithuania) on the most busy shopping day of the year (called “Jamam”), you might have faced max 55- 60.000 visitors on that particular day. So can you feel the magnitude Dubai Mall? I know, its hard to imagine.
  2. Vision of UAE. This country has a plan and knows where its going. UAE wants to become a country of happy people and Dubai – the most happy city in the world. Isn’t it a great vision? If you are interested in what is the UAE long term strategy about, you can read more: UAE Vision 2021. And yes, they are not only writing plans, but also making actions – the Minister of Happiness has been appointed to deliver happy results. Perhaps we should consider renaming “Customer Relations Department” at companies we work to the “Department of Happiness”. Small change, but big meaning.

And the photos. I had few hours free before taking the flight back home and managed to capture some moments of this beautiful area.  All the photos were taken with iPhone camera. I hope you like them. Or you know, its better if you go and see it all by yourself.